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It’s showtime again

editors blogIt’s getting ever-closer to the opening of the hotly-anticipated World of Park & Holiday Homes Show! The Warwickshire-based event, held at Stoneleigh Park from 7 to 9 June, is Europe’s biggest annual show dedicated solely to mobile homes.

There will be more than 40 stunning new park and holiday homes on display, many for the first time ever. On top of this, there will be a plethora of representatives from some of the UK’s leading park home operators as well as specialist suppliers and services on hand to discuss your individual requirements.

To celebrate this fantastic event, we have put together a guide to the Stoneleigh Show (page 57). Our 20-page special lists all the exhibitors and where you can find them. There’s also a sneak preview of what you can expect from the new models on display.

But as well as our comprehensive guide to Stoneleigh, there’s much more to get your teeth into in your bumper 132-page June issue.

We make the short trip west from Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire, to the neighbouring county of Worcestershire to profile a trio of gorgeous park options.

We also travel to Wales and the south-east of England in our quest to find Britain’s best parks. On that note, there’s also another chance to enter your site into our prestigious Park of the Year competition, sponsored by Towergate Insurance (page 26). Tell us why you love your park and you could win a great cash prize! Enjoy the issue!


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 Alex Melvin, Editor

June 2013 - buy it here


Real life stories!

editors blogOur community is one of the most rich and diverse in the UK. There are so many different types of people from every conceivable walk of life, many with fascinating stories to tell of world wars, unusual jobs, fun hobbies and travel to far-flung outposts. We love to shout about those stories in PH&HC. New homes and immaculately developed parks are brilliant but it’s the people that make any community. As well as bringing you tales of park life from up and down the country, we also focus on a trio of great real life stories this month. First up, there’s John Savage (page 59), who totally transformed the interior and exterior of his park home, partly as a romantic token of his love for new wife Linda. (As a man on the cusp of tying the knot knot myself, I’ll admit to taking a personal interest in this story!) Rapide Services helped John with the momentous task of bringing a 30-year-old holiday home up to modernday, residential standards. After taking a look at our pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree that Rapide did a superb job! Then there’s Tom and Zena Jesney, of Ravenswing Park, in Berkshire (page 35). These long-time park residents clearly love the outdoor lifestyle as they’ve recently taken to narrow boating too. Our lovely story might inspire you to do the same! Finally, Robert Norman and his daughter Sharon’s story is nothing short of remarkable (page 38). Reunited after 33 years apart (and continents of separation), the pair were brought together with the help of Berkshire park, Warfield Park. It’s a really heart-warming tale and perfectly illustrates just what makes our community so special.


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 Alex Melvin, Editor

May 2013 - buy it here


Second reading

editors blogThe Mobile Homes Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords earlier this month. The lively debate prompted much discussion but the encouraging upshot is the mooted new legislation has now been approved by both houses, which means big changes for thousands of park home residents up and down the country cannot be too far away. Make no mistake, we haven’t seen as seismic an overhaul of the legislation for more than 30 years so don’t miss our expert analysis of proceedings on page 68. As well as these fascinating developments, we can also bring you park reports on a quartet of excellent Norfolk parks as part of our special focus on the county. On top of this, we have also listed 14 more alternative options in the east of England park home stronghold. There was also plenty to report from the recent Spring Caravan and Camping Show at Birmingham’s NEC. I was extremely pleased to see such a breadth of park and home manufacturer representation at this hotly-anticipated event. I am also delighted to be able to report that the event was so well attended. Visitors flocked to the National Exhibition Centre in their droves to see a stunning array of park home and holiday caravan and lodge options. It’s really exciting to see a British manufacturing industry in such rude health, despite the constant doom-mongering about our economic plight in the national press. This month, we also help a Bedfordshire couple progress their park search in an entertaining installment of our ‘Help Us Find a Park Home’ feature. Enjoy!


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 Alex Melvin, Editor

April 2013 - buy it here


Cambridge in focus

editors blogThere’s no doubt that Cambridge is one of the UK’s most interesting and exciting cities. World famous for its university, the city draws tourists from around the globe. However, there’s much more to the county than a collection of centuries-old colleges. The flatlands of the Fens, found around the coast of the Wash, boast some superb park home sites as our focus on the county proves.

We’ve visited a trio of lovely sites - each with its own individual charm. Cottenham Park, for example, is a prior winner of our annual Park of the Year competition. It is situated at the edge of a typically quaint English village and is run by a fantastic family, the Millers. Dont miss our review on page eight! The other parks, Mandalay Park, in Whittlesey, and Whiteleys Park, just outside of Peterborough, hold equal allure, for different reasons. You’ll have to read our park profiles on pages 14 and 18 respectively to find out! On top of this, we’ve compiled a list of scores of other great Cambridgeshire options too (page 25).

But it isn’t just Cambridgeshire park home hunters who are in for a treat. We’ve also got reviews of sites in Somerset, Berkshire, Essex, Norfolk and even Spain in this issue.

If you’re looking for something worthwhile and rewarding (both personally and financially) in retirement, don’t miss our special feature on The Amazings (page 60), an online platform for the over-50s that allows you to pass on your skills to a younger genration while earning yourself a few bob too!

Enjoy the issue.


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Alex Melvin, Editor

March 2013 - buy it here


Quite a trip!

editors blogEver wondered how a park home is transported from factory to park site? With 21st century park homes boasting plush interiors, state-of-the-art technologies and capacious rooms, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are actually mobile!

However, the fact remains that these modern-day monsters - some of which are 60ft long and 22ft wide - are most definitely mobile and getting them from Point A to Point B is a big undertaking. In February’s issue, we profile a transportation company which does exactly that. After reading our special feature, I’m sure that, like me, you will have learned more about park homes and have a new-found respect for these specialist operators.

Speaking of specialists, we’ve also got an intriguing report on a chassis refurbishment job carried out by Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS). Looking after your home’s chassis can be crucial to extending its lifespan. A number of residents at Willowbrook Park, in West Sussex, realised this and engaged the company to check the underside of their homes. Word of mouth quickly spread about PHCS, as our feature shows.

There are so many different suppliers and services in the park home industry; all working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your home is in tip-top condition! The best ones are worth celebrating, in my view!

As well as all this, don’t miss our Hampshire parks special. We bring you a trio of exceptional parks in one of England’s premier Home Counties.


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Alex Melvin, Editor

February 2013 - buy it here


The specialists...

editors blogChoosing the right contractor for a home refurbishment project can seem daunting. How do you know who to pick? Or who’s trustworthy? Not to mention whether or not they have specialist mobile home knowledge!

Fear not though - our comprehensive 33-page Suppliers and Services directory has got everything covered.

Our guide is packed full of scores of reliable and established park and holiday home operators, many of whom have been given the industry’s seal of approval from the well-regarded Guild of Park and Holiday Home Services. Whether you are looking for general repairs and improvements, roofing specialists, windows and doors, a new deck, steps or fence panels, our easy-to-use compendium will have the answers.

Then there are other specialist companies like insurance and finance firms, park home estate agents, surveyors and solicitors, transportation companies and residents’ associations.

These knowledgable companies are the ones we turn to on a day-to-day basis to keep things ticking over in our homes and best practice really should be celebrated.

But as well as that, we have got all the usual park profiles and home reviews, including a special focus on East Sussex.

Our trio of south coast selections will have you yearning for the seaside and a fish and chip supper! It might be January but it’s always nice to let your mind wander towards the sunny days of summer.


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Alex Melvin, Editor

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