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What hobbies and activities do you most look forward to in the winter?

Park of the year revealed

april blogThere are so many fantastic parks dotted around the UK. It’s nothing but a pleasure to enjoy the opportunity to visit so many and get a window into the world of those who have opted into this wonderful way of life.

It makes it doubly special, then, to be able to announce this magazine’s annual Park of the Year, an award that’s been running for more than 15 years now with the assistance and generous sponsorship of insurance experts, Towergate.

Our 2015 champion is Swiss Farm, a lovely site next to a wide expanse of the River Thames in the quaint Oxfordshire town of Henley (see page 10).

We received a tonne of entries for 2015’s competition so, as ever, it was almost impossible to pick a clear winner. When you’re judging the crème de la crème of parks, it’s subjective and open to debate.

Our panel of judges was helped no end though by the purple prose of Keith and Linda Knight, whose nomination really caught our eye. They love the perfect location of their park, as well as the kind and warm-hearted residents and park management.


Showing off!

march blogI love this time of year. The days are getting longer and lighter, the temperature is beginning to ever so gradually rise and, amid this, the prospect of the annual spring renewal is not too far away.

With the anticipation of these new things, it seems only fitting that our own industry should offer something similarly exciting. Each year it does this with a succession of fantastic annual shows and events.

In your bumper March issue we preview the upcoming Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, which takes place at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre from 23 to 28 February (see page 50). There will be a plethora of new and tantalizing park homes and leisure lodges on display from the UK’s premier manufacturers. There will also be scores of different parks and park groups represented from whom you can learn all about this way of life.


North of the border

North of the borderDid you know that there are more than 3,000 residential park homes on some 92 sites across 22 local authority areas to be found across the border in Scotland?

That’s right: this unique way of life is just as popular with our Scottish neighbours as it is in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We thought we’d celebrate that fact with something of a Scottish parks special in our February issue.

Just in time for the upcoming Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show, which takes place at the the SECC, in Glasgow, from 4 to 7 February, our ‘tartan special’ will whet your appetite for park life in Scotland. Read our review of Scotland’s premier park and holiday home event from page 45.

As well as an impressive set of numbers, Scotland also boasts some of the UK’s most breathtakingly beautiful parks. Check out some of the best in our A to Z guide, which begins on page 54.


Trust our tradesmen!

january blogWe know how proud you are of your park homes and gardens. The love, care and attention you bestow on them shines through like a lighthouse beacon in the parks featured in the pages of this magazine each month.

That’s why we are re-booting our ever-popular suppliers and services directory to kick off 2016 in style (turn to page 71).

Our directory will provide you with an easy-to-use and essential compendium of all the specialist park and holiday home operators out there. Whether you are looking for a refurbishment company to help overhaul your kitchen and bathroom, a reputable firm to check your home’s chassis and underside, a trusted tradesman to re-coat your unit’s exterior or something else entirely, we’ve got it covered.


Celebrating excellence

december blogWe love turning the spotlight on the country’s best parks, homes, suppliers and services. Every month we feature some of the UK’s premier options in all of the aforementioned categories and some of the stories we get to hear are truly heart-warming.

But that’s not the only reason we like learning of best practice, wherever it may be found. It also serves to illustrate how things should be done so that everybody in our little ‘park home club’ knows what they should be aspiring to. If this helps raise standards and celebrate all that’s right with the industry, then all to the good!

It’s with these sentiments at the forefront of my mind that I have great pleasure in unveiling this year’s Park of the Year competition (see page 11). Since its inception more than 15 years ago, this Towergate Insurance-sponsored competition has garlanded lots of lovely parks, their owners, managers and, most importantly, communities of residents. After all, it’s always the residents that really help make a park special. We want to celebrate all of that again in 2016!

By entering your park home estate for our prestigious title you could scoop a fantastic £500 cash prize for yourself, as well as a further £500 for your park... to be spent on the residents. Now you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

It’s not just great parks that are grabbing the column inches this month though. We’ve also got a fabulous brace of homes from Wessex and Tingdene - the Dorset park home and the Kudos lodge respectively - under review. See what our expert reviewer’s critical eye makes of them from page 30.

Finally, we know how much you enjoy your legal help and advice, and how vital it can sometimes be. That’s why we’re looking back on the achievements of the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE), an organisation that has helped both residents and site owners since it stepped bravely into the park home sector two years ago (see page 70).

december coverAlexAlex Melvin




Alex Melvin, Editor

 December 2015 - buy it here


Energy saving directory

november blogWinter can be a worrisome time of year for old and vulnerable members of society, including many park home residents.

There’s the seemingly intractable problem of rising fuel bills - many struggle to make ends meet even without having hefty gas and electricity charges to factor in. Then there’s the issue of mobility, especially for those on rural or semi-rural parks who need to get about safely in icy or snowy conditions.

Living on a community like a park home estate can often help to overcome such difficulties. Where else could you find neighbours on hand to offer lifts to the supermarket or the GPs in inclement conditions? Or fellow park residents ready with a hot meal or a cuppa and a chat in a warm living room to banish the winter blues?

Despite these benefits, any park resident would be remiss not to try to make savings on bills by getting better home insulation or seeking the services of a speciailist refurbisher to upgrade the quality of their park home.

But it’s not just homecare and insulation specialists you will find in our energy savings directory (see page 51). You will find a wide range of experts in a wide range of park home matters, all with their own take on how to protect yourself against the coldest months.

Aside from our energy saving special, we’ve got lots more for your delectation in our bumper November issue.

We visit sublime residential park home sites in Lincolnshire, Dorset and East Sussex. This trio of top parks really does have something for everybody (see page 10).

On the holiday side, we also review some lovely sites - in Herefordshire and Powys (see page 102).

Finally, for those who missed them, we’ve got reviews of three important park and holiday home shows starting on page 112.

november coverAlexAlex Melvin




Alex Melvin, Editor

 November 2015 - buy it here