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Making your home more thermally efficient

january news4With the onset of winter we once again find ourselves reaching for the thermostat to keep us snug on those cold nights. Having installed more than a few park home heat pumps, Gloucestershire-based Refali is well placed to comment on winter living inside a park home.
Refali managing director, Jon Shipman, said, ‘I recently had an interesting conversation with a park home manufacturer, with whom we are working, regarding construction and insulation values.

‘He said that a park home can never be as insulated as a conventional modern house; for one it’s not built of brick! If we had to build park homes to the same specification as houses our market would disappear overnight as we would not be competitive.

‘We recently installed a system on a very nice park home in Berkshire. The owners found that in the winter evenings the standard wet system they had on their home was not adequate enough to give them the close control they wanted.

‘We installed two 3.5kw floor mounted units strategically positioned in their home and now they don’t run their wet system at all. They find the close control their heat pump gives them much more comfortable.

‘With typical running cost ratios of four-to-one or better in heating mode, they will also see a marked reduction in their running costs. They also have air conditioning in the summer should they need it.’

While it may not yet be possible to make a park home as thermally efficient as a brick-built house, Refali can heat park homes as cost effectively as possible using this amazing technology.

For more information please contact Refali on 01285 860724, email or visit the website at