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Finding stillness at The Elms!

Finding stillness at The Elms!Kirstin Anna Isherwood, Lead Assessor for the British Wheel of Yoga, recently held an introductory class at The Elms Retirement Village for the over 50s, in Torksey.  

Fifteen residents, along with organiser Tracey Coulson, sat with Kirstin as she explained a little of the history and background of yoga and meditation. The group then tried out some different approaches designed to help quieten the ‘monkey mind’.

Kirstin then talked the group through a short relaxation exercise which involved laying down in the ‘corpse’ position. Many were thankful to be able to change position by this point! The session finished with the chanting of a mantra - this proved very popular!


Kirstin said, ‘It is important that we look after ourselves and keep enough of our energy for ourselves in order that we can help others.’  A great mantra all round!

For further information about The Elms Retirement Village, or to arrange an informal tour, call 01427 718243 or visit the park’s website at (email