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Leading manufacturer launches new initiative to help park operators

Leading manufacturer launches new initiative to help park operatorsOmar Park Homes’ has released more information about a new venture called Omar Park Development Services (OPDS). The scheme has been created to help existing park operators and budding park operators in all aspects of park developments and operations.

OPDS can project manage a development, help with sales and marketing of homes or offer rental advice. In fact, Omar claims it can help with any development or operational issue a holiday or residential park might face.

OPDS can also help those with privately-owned land and farmers who would like to site a lodge or residential home on their own land or garden space.

Omar’s Richard Sigsworth, who will run the initiative, said, ‘We can advise on planning and manage the hard-standing construction and home delivery and siting stages, through to completion.’
Richard Sigsworth will be assisted by the Omar Park Homes team on the project. To reach Richard, please email: or telephone 07841 917859.