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What is your favourite thing about owning a park home or lodge?

I just love the welcoming people and the community spiritedness - 50%
The value for money of the homes and the lower living costs - 0%
The great location of my park and the fact that it’s so peaceful and secure - 50%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 19 Jan 2018 - 13:52

People-friendly approach

People-friendly approachCottenham Park owner Grant Miller knows a thing or two about running a successful park and looking after his customers well.  

The Cambridgeshire park, a previous holder of the coveted ‘Park of the Year’ title, was originally developed by his father and Grant is a regular face around the park where he is based, working hard to keep it in tip-top condition. Residents often stop to say ‘hello’ and as he works on site he’s on hand to deal with any concerns they may have too - something he feels works positively for everyone.  

That people-friendly approach has helped him from a sales perspective too, although he says that’s not just about being available on the park every day but more about responding promptly and efficiently to enquiries. A relationship with Prestige Park & Leisure Homes has worked particularly well.


Grant explained, ‘We’ve always had a lot of leads from Prestige and follow them up quickly so that relationship has been really successful for us.

‘They’re very proactive in supporting the parks they work with and on the strength of that we’ve recently sold two Prestige homes here.

‘We get an influx of leads after shows in particular. If those potential buyers are looking actively enough to attend a show and take the time to stop to have a chat with a manufacturer to ask for further information, they are well worth a bit of time.

‘Anyone enquiring about Cottenham Park receives information or a call-back straight away which obviously makes things much easier for buyers, but we see it as good manners too.

‘If you’re buying you’ll see this as an indicator of park efficiency and friendliness once you’ve bought.

‘Finding a park which is really responsive and helpful will make a massive difference to how much you’re likely to enjoy living there long term.’
For further information about support available to parks from Prestige Park & Leisure Homes, please go to the website at

For further information about Cottenham Park go to the website at, email or call 01954 251100