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What is your favourite thing about owning a park home or lodge?

I just love the welcoming people and the community spiritedness - 50%
The value for money of the homes and the lower living costs - 0%
The great location of my park and the fact that it’s so peaceful and secure - 50%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 19 Jan 2018 - 13:52

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mileSiting a park home is a delicate and laborious process at the best of times. But it becomes even more difficult when there is snow and ice all over a park home estate!

This was the problem facing Grant Miller, the hands-on park owner at Cottenham Park, in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. Grant, who also looks after the maintenance of the park, needed to site a brand new 37ft x 20 Prestige Sonata for John and Jackie Puncher. The week before the home arrived, the weather was extremely mild, so Grant did not foresee any problems.

However, two days before the home was due to arrive it snowed. Grant said, ‘Luckily for me it thawed a little, but I had to keep the base swept clean of water, as it would have been like a skating ring.


‘The home duly arrived on the date scheduled by Prestige and the road and the base was clear, so with the help of Chilltern Transport the home was sited and made watertight all in that day. They did a fantastic job as it was so cold, all the touch up paint and stucco in the home, had to be placed in a bucket of warm water to thaw it out!’

Grant’s work had only just begun though. He added, ‘The next couple of days were just very cold. I managed with the help of one of my sons to get some of the drainage connected and the electricity on so we could put some small heaters inside the home to keep it above freezing.

‘It was so cold that the glue used to join the pipes for the drians would not set, so I had to wait for the middle of the day before I dared attempt this and warm up the glue first in my pocket!’

Things then took a turn for the worse as it began to snow again. Grant said, ‘We had about six inches  of snow and I had to spend a day clearing the road and paths on the park with my JCB digger.

‘I spent the next week finishing the drains under the home and boxing in the underside of the home with wood effect plastic to keep the wind off. It was only when i had finished that I dared turn the water on. I turned it on and nothing happened, it was frozen up even though it had been lagged, but my wife’s hair-dryer soon sorted it out and the plumber was on hand to turn the gas on for the heating. We got finished way after dark that night!’

John and Jackie had been living in a camper van all this time and were desperate to get into their new home, so Grant lent them some temporary steps and they moved in. The next week it warmed up just enough to get the steps built and a patio paved that they wanted and Grant managed to get a new yew hedge planted for them too.

Grant said, ‘Now all we need is a nice dry year for them to enjoy and hopefully they will have thawed out after their few months in the camper van.’
For more information on Cottenham Park, call Grant on 01954 251100 or visit