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Green with turf envy

AugnewsgreenAn astro turf specialist has urged park home owners to try its low maintenance products. Artificial Grass Direct Limited has been specialists in the supply of artificial grass for 15 years. Artificial grass is ideal for park home owners looking for low maintenance plots as they get older, as well as holiday home owners who may be absent for long periods of time.

Artificial grass can enhance the look of a garden without the effort of tending to a lawn. It is also ideal for pets or children who can often turn real turf into mud or dust. A lot of Artificial Grass Direct’s customers have also used the company’s products on top of decking, which, unless well maintained, can become really slippery and worn looking.


Artificial grass can also be laid on top of paving and concrete areas and even as a temporary surface under awnings. Artificial Grass Direct is continually developing its range of grasses. Each product is thoroughly tested to the highest performance standards ensuring consistency of quality, durability and colour stability over its life.