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Dorset residents raise a glass to the Queen

AugnewsdorsetMore than 40 residents celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at a picturesque Dorset park site. There was a mixture of residents, holiday home owners and friends of owners at the event.

The Meadowbank Holidays Ltd site, which is home to both residential and holiday homes, is a friendly park with a history of putting on successful social events.

Park resident Phil Harris said, ‘Despite the wet weather, everybody had a fantastic time. The gazebos [pictured] were purchased two years ago by resident Mike Bayliss and have been used several times to great effect. We started the afternoon with all sides of the gazebos open, but then the rain came, so Mike and I put the sides up in the teeth of a howling wind and heavy rain, much to the amusement of those watching!’


Read More Beaulieu Gardens is a relatively small park. There are 15 residential homes and 20 holiday homes on the site. However, despite the small numbers, residents enjoy an active social life. Since the park opened in 2009, the residents have held two hog roasts, two bonfire night firework displays/ barbeques and two New Year’s Eve parties.

Phil said, ‘The sight of 25 retirees doing the conga round the park at 1am is seriously mindboggling! Who says we have to grow old gracefully? ‘We also had a party last year to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, plus we hold numerous other ‘ad hoc’ get togethers. The driving force behind all this activity is Shirley Baylis who, despite her advancing years, is an absolute bundle of energy in organising and motivating (I think she may have been an army general in a previous life!). There are always plenty of willing hands to help put up the gazebos, lay out the tables etc, but particular mention must be made of Pete Owen, the site manager, for whom nothing is too much trouble.’