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Colonel Parks

MayNewsColonelNew site reviewer scheme to help prospective buyers

A park home resident with a colourful background will become the figurehead for a new park gradings scheme. Retired police officer and former councillor Dan Hynman, will visit parks up and down the country rating them on categories like infrastructure, local amenities, quality of homes and site management. Dan, who has lived in a park home for more than 25 years said,‘The park home environment has become one of the UK’s best for the generation of folks that remember how things used to be.’ Dan will be known as ‘Colonel Parks’ under the scheme, which is supported by experienced park owner Michael White,


While traversing the UK, the Colonel aims to help prospective buyers make a unbaised decision on the best park for them. If you are a private purchaser or a site owner looking for a rating please contact Dan via the magazine at the below address.



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