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New legislation stands on a knife edge

julylegal“It is a question of educating park home residents themselves about what the rules are.”

Housing Minister Grant Shapps spoke to the All Party Parliamentary Group about the consultation document and his hopes that new legislation to fully protect park home residents may go ahead as a Private Member’s Bill

Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, attended the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Welfare of Park Home Residents held in mid May, when there were still two weeks left to run on the consultation document issued by his department (see pp. 98/99 June PH&HC).

He said that he thought that park home residents had had a raw deal for far too long but this consultation document (unlike others in the past) was very comprehensive. ‘The top line,’ he added, ‘is that I believe we have to drive the rogues from the market to prevent them from abusing park home owners.’

.

Commission on Park Home Sales

MayLegal“We are thinking of selling our park home, so that we can move to a new site near the coast. We plan to sell privately, through an estate agent. Is it right that we will have to pay 10% or the sale price of our home to the park owner?”


This is quite a contentious issue and one that often makes park home owners unhappy. By law, a park owner is allowed to charge up to 10% commission on the sale of a park home. So, if you sell your home for £150,000, you may have to pay £15,000 to the park owner (there is no VAT payable on this commission). Of course, the park owner can charge less than this if they want, but this is rare.

.

Holiday Or Residential Licence?

junenewslegal“Our lifestyle is great and inexpensive: we don’t even pay council tax. However, our neighbours had letters from the council explaining that our park only holds a holiday licence. We didn’t know and are worried. What should we do?”


The park home lifestyle is one of the most desirable retirement options currently available. For many thousands, buying a mobile home soon becomes the best decision they have ever made. Sadly though, for a minority of home owners, the move can turn from dream to nightmare.
This has nothing to do with the nature of the park home community or the quality of homes and everything to do with a dull, but crucial, technicality.  It might not seem to be ostensibly important but the type of site licence your chosen park holds is extremely important.

.

Mobile Home Enforcing RPI

"If a park owner refused to reduce the pitch fee and a resident chose to pursue the matter in court, this surely would be a very expensive course. Are the courts likely to award costs to the resident since the park owner should have been aware of the law?"

Graham Watts, mobile home and static caravan legal expert, advises...

.

Advice On Road Clearance

"As a site owner I was very interested to read your reply to the letter in the PH&HC February 2010 issue regarding a gentleman and his wife asking who is responsible for gritting icy roads on the park. The question always comes up on my site with our residents and we have consulted our solicitors, who advised us to leave as it is."

Graham Watts, mobile home and static caravan legal expert, advises...

.

Advice On Warranty

"We bought our ready- sited home from the park owner. Since moving in we found that we could not get a 10 Year Gold Shield Warranty certificate. This is because we bought the home from a company that has since gone into administration. We were not told about this at the time and feel the park owner should have told us before the purchase. When confronted the site owner told us he would get one sorted, but now they are saying we cannot have one because it was bankrupt stock.
The owner did tell us not to worry and if there were any problems they would be sorted out. My concern is we have nothing in writing. Do you think we could have a problem and can we do anything about it?"

Graham Watts, mobile home and static caravan legal expert, advises...

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