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Should park home residents have to pay monthly council tax as well as plot fees?

5 Things You Should Ask When Buying A Holiday Home

1. Not all holiday sites are the same. Is the site secluded and quiet or lively and family-friendly? Find out!

2. If you buy a second-hand caravan, get a full history of its former owners and hire a specialist park  home surveyor to check it out. Many advertise in this magazine.

3. Get a ‘Written Statement’ from your park owner and go through it with
a fine toothcomb. If you are unsure about anything, get further advice. Specialist solicitors advertise in this magazine.

4. Remember that unlike residential park home owners, you are not covered by the Mobile Homes Act (1983). That’s why your Written Statement or Agreement is
so important.

5. If you’re still unsure, why not order a copy our annual, What Holiday Caravan & Holiday Lodges 2010?. Just call 01562 69296 to get your copy and start researching! 


Camper Van Chic


Summer is the time when the braver ones among us turn our thoughts to camping. And while the sites around the British Isles have a lot to offer to the canvas camper, if the weather isn't great, sleeping in a tent can be a trying experience.

But there is another option which combines convenience with cool to offer an alternative to nights spent on a blow up mattress. Volkswagen's enduring camper van, which can pack in cooking facilities, beds and a sink, offers the freedom to get away from it all easily - allowing you to enjoy the experience of the great outdoors in relative comfort and a fair degree of style.

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