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New Model Review: Cambrian Horizon

Generous room sizes, three bedrooms, a stylish lounge and contemporary kitchen should ensure that this lodge finds favour with purchasers and hirers alike. Better still, its price is very competitive

Cambrian Horizon

We are featuring two lodges this month – the Delta Chepstow and this Cambrian Horizon. Apart from the size difference (the Horizon is twice the length of the smallest Chepstow), there is also a difference in the standards to which they are built (and therefore the price).

The Chepstow is built to the British Standard for holiday caravans - BS EN 1647 – indicating that although it is ideal for use as a holiday home on a seasonal park, it is not intended for year-round (i.e. residential) occupation and could not be sited on a park licensed for residential use.

By contrast, the Cambrian Horizon is built to the British Standard for residential park homes – BS 3632 – and could be used residentially on a park licensed for that purpose. However, its design (as a lodge) and layout suggest that it will be purchased for holiday use, and its build quality will ensure that its owners are comfortable at whatever time of year they are using it.

Introduced at January’s Caravan and Motor Caravan Show at Event City, Manchester, the Horizon was one of two new models that Cambrian had on display there (the other being the Cottage which will be featured in detail in a future issue of this magazine).

The 40ft Horizon twin has three bedrooms (one double with en suite shower and two twins), a spacious family bathroom and a generous living area.

.

New Model Review: Homeseeker Affinity

Homeseeker wanted to build a home that was ‘more affordable than its existing products without sacrificing comfort’. The resulting home – the Affinity – is one that any resident would be proud to own...


It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a park home or a paper clip in the current economic climate everyone is very price conscious. Quite often, someone selling a bricks and mortar house to fund a park home purchase does not realise the figure they were expecting and then has to adjust what they can afford for their park home. It can also happen that some prospective purchasers have set their hearts on particular parks but find the siting charges mean that they can no longer afford the home they originally had in mind.

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New Model Review: Cambrian Maritime

The latest leisure lodge from this North Wales manufacturer shows exceptional flair in design and décor, and creates a great fun holiday atmosphere


Fulfilling the dream of ‘beach front living’ is how Cambrian describes its latest leisure lodge, the Maritime, which had its first public viewing at The Lawns show in September.  
Although there are coastal themes evident in both furniture and décor, they are not overpowering and this home would certainly not look out of place in a countryside setting either.

Measuring 42ft long by 20ft wide, the Maritime features three bedrooms, confirming a trend that we have noticed in 2013 models to provide more sleeping accommodation. This may be to cater for the rental, or ‘buy to let’ markets, or to appeal to the extended families who currently seem to like to holiday together.

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New Model Review: Prestige Bowmoor Lodge

Unusually, Prestige launched only one new lodge at the recent leisure shows in Hull and Beaulieu, but that one proved to be a huge success with both trade and public visitors

Prestige Bowmoor Lodge

With the lodges market still very price sensitive, all manufacturers are trying to keep prices as low as possible so that, even for the most luxurious, an ex-works price under £100,00 is something that many are aiming for.

That’s what Prestige has achieved with its 42 x 20ft Bowmoor Lodge which was launched at this year’s leisure lodge and holiday caravan show in Hull. This particular lodge was destined for the up-market Abbot’s Green Park, near York, which is owned and operated by York Leisure.

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New Model Review: The Apex

A hip roof and an ingenious living area divider are just two of the many features of Omar’s brand new Apex Lodge

The ApexIn the last couple of years lodges have tended to dominate exhibition space at shows up and down the country, with park homes hardly getting a look in. This is probably indicative of the state of the market with lodges having enjoyed a ‘boom’ for several years past.

And the Apex Lodge, launched by Omar at last year’s Cottingham show, is another excellent example of this manufacturer, for so long noted for its excellent park homes, having made the transition to cater for the leisure market, too.

One of the most unusual features of the Apex is its exterior design with a hip roof at the front (something more commonly seen on residential homes). This, in turn, creates an interesting ceiling line in the living area which also has a most ingenious layout which, although still offering an open plan arrangement, also provides a division between its three areas – relaxing, dining and cooking.  

Although there is a hip roof at the front of the Apex, which means that the three ‘faces’ of the roof meet at one point (the ‘apex’), this is not replicated at the back of the home .   
Like most lodges currently on the market, the designers have anticipated that this home will be sited where there are views of coast and/or countryside to be enjoyed.. Read more...

New Model Review: Pathfinder High View

We view a home with an innovative design that takes the living area ’to a new level’...

Pathfinder High View

We all value our leisure time greatly, and those fortunate enough to have a holiday home in a beautiful location really appreciate the chance to escape to it regularly and absorb the fantastic views that are usually all around.

Pathfinder has taken this aspect of leisure lodge ownership to a higher plane in its High View model by elevating the lounge and dining rooms so that maximum advantage can be taken of whatever views there may be.

The design is ingenious and the elevated living area is achieved within the10ft maximum living area height which is the requirement under BS3632.  

As you enter through the door at the side of the High View, there is a lockable cupboard on the left and a small study area beyond it.

The cupboard is a very practical feature and allows home owners who are planning to sub-let their home to lock away personal items while the home is occupied by other people.

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