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New Model Review: The Grand Symphony

Anne Webb steps inside a model from Prestige that has had a lot of interest from customers across the UK since its launch

The Grand SymphonyWe often refer to ultra-luxurious park homes as being show stoppers when they are launched at exhibitions, but quite often those homes don’t go into production or are available only to special order.

Fortunately, that has not been so in the case of the Prestige Grand Symphony which was launched to great acclaim in 2012 as being the largest park home ever to be exhibited at a public show. That version was a massive 65ft long and 22ft 3in wide and we forecast at the time that although incredibly impressive, it would not be a huge seller.

Now we must eat our words – partially at least, for although few parks have space to accept a home of those proportions, Prestige has been both amazed and gratified at the amount of interest in this particular model and has built scores of similar, but smaller, versions of it for customers up and down the country.

So, following this huge success, it was not surprising that Prestige took the decision to show off the Grand Symphony again at this year’s World of Park and Leisure Homes Show at Stoneleigh. However, this time it was a 50ft x 20 version which took the limelight and received the same acclaim that its big brother had enjoyed a year previously.

It looked just as spectacular and luxurious as its larger brother, but would undoubtedly be a more suitable size for most parks.. Read more...

The Loft

A single unit luxury lodge from Country Homes is targeting a new market – couples who want to spend quality time together in luxurious surroundings...

The Loft

The name of this fantastic leisure model from Country Homes – The Loft - puzzled us for a long time. Was it going to look like an attic? Would it have a sloping roof or restricted headroom? Of course not! And now that we’ve seen it we understand. Country Homes and the client for whom it was designed, see it as a step up from the traditional caravan and have given it an elevated name.   

What’s in a name anyway? The fact is that this single unit has broken new ground in the lodge market. It measures 42ft x 13 and is the first of its kind from Country Homes.

The design came about because park owners Neil and Peter Morris, of Elm Farm Country Park, near Frinton-on-Sea, in Essex felt they had identified a gap in the market.

They had found, through their experience of selling both lodges and holiday homes, that there was a need for a lodge to be used by a couple rather than a family, and without compromising on luxury.
The brief given to Country Homes by those park owners was for a spacious single-unit lodge with a bright, modern feel allowing in lots of light. When these park owners visited the Country Homes’ factory to work on the specification, they happened to visit a local bistro which provided the inspiration for the lodge’s décor.

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New Model Review: The Omar Sandringham

The latest version of this Omar home has some bold new décor and a practical layout featuring two good size double bedrooms in addition to generous living space

The Omar Sandringham

It was in 1986 that Omar first launched a home called the Sandringham and at that time it was a single unit home (10ft wide but a massive 50ft long). How times have changed. Over the years there have been many revisions in the look of this particular model with a twin unit version now being standard, and the latest – a 40ft x 20 layout - was exhibited to popular acclaim at both the Newbury and Stoneleigh exhibitions this spring.

What makes the Sandringham such a distinctive and popular model? Firstly, its unusual exterior look with French doors on the front wall (leading from the dining area) extending forwards, with the possibility of creating a patio area outside. Although such an arrangement is more often seen in lodge-style accommodation, this layout obviously has plenty of benefits, including the opportunity for diners to have drinks before their meal or coffee afterwards ‘out on the terrace’. Curved windows adjacent to these French doors make the dining area very light – and bays on the front and side walls of the lounge add to this airy and bright feeling.

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New Model Review: Cambrian Cottage

A new twist on the second-home theme comes from Cambrian with its Cottage

Cambrian Cottage

Whether it’s a main residence or a second home, a cottage in the country has great appeal to all age groups, but especially those nearing retirement. Sadly, those types of properties are seldom within the average person’s financial reach, so the cottage in the country dream is usually qualified with the words ‘if I win the lottery’.

However, Cambrian Park and Leisure Homes has come up with an alternative – a leisure home with an interior that has all the hallmarks of a country cottage. And that’s what they’ve called it – The Cottage.

Naturally, it’s not possible to create cottage styling on the outside, and the Cambrian Cottage looks like a fairly traditional lodge when viewed from the outside with Canexel cladding, wood-look uPVC-framed windows and doors and roof gable features. However, as soon as you step through the double French doors at the front, you enter a living area that combines olde worlde charm with modern conveniences.

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New Model Review: The Graceland

Homeseeker’s latest model combines comfort and practicality with touches of luxury, exuberance and flair. ‘The King’ would definitely have approved!

The Graceland

The word Graceland immediately conjures up an image of Elvis Presley and his beloved, opulent mansion. Even now, more than 35 years after his death, crowds still make pilgrimages to that iconic home in Memphis, Tennessee.

So, on hearing that Homeseeker had named its latest model Graceland, one could be forgiven for imagining an extremely opulent (possibly over the top) home that might have appeal only to a minority. However, the exact opposite is true. The Graceland is an attractive and very well designed model with spacious rooms and plenty of storage space, and should have almost universal appeal.

It is only the columns outside the main entrance that bear any resemblance at all to the ‘original’ Graceland. Homeseeker’s Graceland is a 45ft x 20 model with a portico over the main entrance, Georgian glazing throughout and two bay windows at the front and two on the main entrance side. According to Steve Taylor, Homeseeker’s national sales manager, the Graceland is the first Homeseeker model to feature columns around the front entrance. He comments that the Graceland has been designed to cosset customers who want to reward themselves with quality and luxury in their retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

.

Country Homes Woodland

A new and bold look for a well-established favourite. Anne Webb reports


The Woodland is a model that has been in the Country Homes range for some time and this manufacturer thought that the Stoneleigh show would be a good opportunity to show it off in some ‘new clothes’. That new look proved to be very striking and it certainly lifted the whole appearance of this very well-designed home. The layout features a ‘closed-off ’ spacious lounge with open-plan kitchen and dining area, a family bathroom, master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and a spacious second double.

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