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What is your favourite thing about owning a park home or lodge?

I just love the welcoming people and the community spiritedness - 50%
The value for money of the homes and the lower living costs - 0%
The great location of my park and the fact that it’s so peaceful and secure - 50%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 19 Jan 2018 - 13:52

New Model Review: Pathfinder Thorverton Lodge

Although it’s an entry level model, the Thorverton offers stylish, contemporary and comfortable accommodation – once again achieving the high standards we have come to expect from Pathfinder

Pathfinder Thorverton Lodge

As the majority of lodges reviewed on these pages are of the ultra luxurious type, it is nice to be able to feature one that is described as entry level. In addition to being suitable for those just dipping their toes into the waters of holiday home ownership, it is also ideal for the rental market.

However, don’t let the entry level description fool you. The Thorverton Lodge is modern, stylish, extremely comfortable and beautifully furnished and equipped.

There are various options for the exterior finish – timber or Vulcan maintenance-free cladding (in a wide range of colour options). Window and door frames are in uPVC – wood finish on the outside and white inside. The front elevation is fully glazed, right up to the roof apex, and this makes the living area very light.

French doors on the front wall give access to the dining area (with the kitchen behind) and with the lounge adjacent.

The main entrance door is at the side, leading into a lobby with a glazed door giving direct access to the rear of the living area, and from there a corridor leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. There are soffit lights over both exterior doors

.

New Model Review: The Omar Accent

This latest residential model from Omar is spacious and stylish with a very practical and well-equipped open plan kitchen and a useful study area

The Omar Accent

Omar describes its latest residential home – the Accent – as representing ‘the next generation of park homes’. Why? This manufacturer says that the Accent incorporates innovative and intelligent features that set the standard for the future.

It certainly has a very contemporary feel overall, and the design is in some ways more in keeping with a lodge rather than a park home because it has a fully glazed front aspect and a semi open-plan lounge/diner/kitchen. However, the Accent is most certainly an impressive residential home which includes very generous living space, a fantastically well-equipped kitchen, a study and two bedrooms (one with en suite shower room).

The Accent has a high pitched tiled roof and a fully glazed front aspect reaching right into the apex of the peak where downlights illuminate the area. There is a cross gable feature above the side entrance door which has a porch light adjacent. Window and door frames are in white uPVC finish – double glazed, of course – with a ten-year warranty on the frames and five years on the glazing.

When this home was launched last October at Birmingham’s Motorhome and Caravan Show, it was shown with an extensive front and side veranda, but there are no doors in the lounge giving direct access to that veranda. Anyone wanting to sit outside, for instance, would have to approach from the side entrance door.

.

New Model Review: Pathfinder Tuscany

It may not be the largest or the most luxurious of lodges, but it is comfortable,  practical and well-fitted and equipped - an ideal choice for those who are just dipping their toes into lodge ownership...

Pathfinder Tuscany

Not everyone can afford, or needs, a huge lodge when they are planning to spend only occasional weekends there. It is great to have accommodation that you know will always be available, waiting for your arrival whenever that might be, but if circumstances prevent regular use it could be standing idle (and costing you money).

Renting out is one option, but that needs careful planning so that it is rented out only at times when you think you can’t use it – and we all know how unpredictable our working and leisure lives can be.

The other option is to buy something smaller (but, most importantly, equally comfortable, luxurious and practical).

Just such a home is the single unit version of Pathfinder’s Tuscany which was launched in Hull last September. It has two bedrooms – a twin, plus a large master bedroom with en suite shower and walk-in wardrobe.

Dark wood-look Canexel cladding features on this model with French doors on the front wall complemented by half-depth windows on either side with top opening sections. There is also a single door on the side which leads directly into the back of the dining area (as with most lodges, the lounge, dining and kitchen areas are in an open plan arrangement at the front of the home). The ceiling in the living area is vaulted but the bedrooms and bathroom have flat ceilings.

.

New Model Review: The Regency

Although the 40ft x 20 Omar Regency is an entry level  model on price, it lacks nothing in terms of construction standards, layout, décor and overall flair. Anne Webb reports

The RegencyIn all aspects of our lives we are constantly looking for bargains, or trying to save money. True, just about everything costs more this year than it did last, but it is good to see that a lot of companies are recognising this fact and attempting to deliver excellent value for money at prices that are ‘affordable’.

Affordable is a strange word, as what is ‘affordable’ for one person might not be for another. However, we know what Omar means when it says that its Regency models are ‘affordable’ because we are aware that, in common with other park home manufacturers, Omar is always endeavouring to give its customers the best possible value for money, without sacrificing quality or style.

With the new Regency range, Omar has certainly achieved that aim. There are ten floorplans of the Regency from which to choose; these include utility rooms, en suites, walk-in wardrobes, studies and three-bedroom layouts. The model reviewed here is a 40ft x 20 with cross-lounge and en suite shower room and walk-in wardrobe to the master bedroom.  

The lounge and dining area are in an L-shape arrangement with the kitchen separated from the dining area by a door. Although open-plan lounge/dining/kitchen areas are popular in leisure homes, it seems that in residential models purchasers prefer a closed off kitchen. Could this be because when families are on holiday they use the kitchen less, tending to eat out, or rely on take-aways and ready meals?. Read more...

New Model Review: The Valetta

This 40ft x 20 three-bedroom model from Tingdene is well designed, fitted and equipped. Better still, it carries a very attractive price tag!

The ValettaWhen you set out your list of priorities for owning a leisure lodge, what comes at the top? It ought to be the park itself and it is vital to ensure that it’s not too far from home (you don’t want the prospect of long drives to put you off using it to its maximum). You also need to ensure that the park is in an area that you like and that there are plenty of things to see and do in the neighbourhood to ensure that boredom never sets in. And then you come to the home itself – you will want it to look nice both outside and in, and have enough bedroom accommodation for your family and friends. You’ll also be looking for well-fitted and equipped kitchens and bathrooms  – all at a price that’s not going to break the bank.

Price has become a very important factor in lodge purchase, particularly when a family is embarking on its first venture into this type of holiday accommodation.

It is important to ensure that you are going to get full value out of your purchase (ie use it as long as the season allows) or let it out when you can’t use it to offset some of your original expenditure.

Tingdene’s ‘starter’ lodge is offered in several sizes, the smallest being a single unit (40ft x 13) but we are reviewing the larger version here (40ft x 20 with three bedrooms - a two-bedroom version is available, too).

All sizes of the Valetta are built to BS3632 and therefore don’t attract the five per cent  VAT rate which is levied on holiday caravans and lodges not built to this standard.. Read more...

New Model Review: The Grand Symphony

Anne Webb steps inside a model from Prestige that has had a lot of interest from customers across the UK since its launch

The Grand SymphonyWe often refer to ultra-luxurious park homes as being show stoppers when they are launched at exhibitions, but quite often those homes don’t go into production or are available only to special order.

Fortunately, that has not been so in the case of the Prestige Grand Symphony which was launched to great acclaim in 2012 as being the largest park home ever to be exhibited at a public show. That version was a massive 65ft long and 22ft 3in wide and we forecast at the time that although incredibly impressive, it would not be a huge seller.

Now we must eat our words – partially at least, for although few parks have space to accept a home of those proportions, Prestige has been both amazed and gratified at the amount of interest in this particular model and has built scores of similar, but smaller, versions of it for customers up and down the country.

So, following this huge success, it was not surprising that Prestige took the decision to show off the Grand Symphony again at this year’s World of Park and Leisure Homes Show at Stoneleigh. However, this time it was a 50ft x 20 version which took the limelight and received the same acclaim that its big brother had enjoyed a year previously.

It looked just as spectacular and luxurious as its larger brother, but would undoubtedly be a more suitable size for most parks.. Read more...