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New Model Review: Wessex Contemporary Vue

Phillip Pond enjoys the view, inside and out, from the latest Wessex luxury leisure lodge, a stylish model which is a cut above your average holiday home in more ways than one

A range of modern appliances inside the fitted kitchen spaceRoom on top. Those of a certain age will recall that in years gone by when there were bus conductors on our double deckers, those three words were their constant refrain as seats on the lower deck filled up at busy times. Room on top...  

Bus conductors may be a thing of the past, but in recent years the phrase ‘room on top’ has taken on a new significance for users of park and holiday homes.
There is indeed a way of having room on top with your leisure lodge or park home. That is to opt for a roof terrace, accessed via an external spiral staircase.
A roof terrace, or roof deck as they are also known, has various advantages.

It maximises your living accommodation within a given-size plot.

It serves as what is effectively an extra room (albeit usable only in good weather). It does not require a large plot or intrude on precious garden space, as does a patio.. Read more...

New Model Review: The Finnish Contemporary

Philip Pond steps inside a lovely new lodge from Finnish Log Homes

Finnish Log HomesContemporary’ is much overused as an adjective describing park and holiday homes, never mind as a model name. You only have to scan half a dozen new park and holiday home brochures to find more examples than there are pages in this magazine.

According to the definition given in Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, ‘contemporary’ means, among other things, ‘up-to-date’ and ‘fashionable’. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything else, really, in a new design of luxury lodge, now would you…

However, the subject of this model review arguably has a greater claim to the term than most. That’s because it clearly provides both an up-to-date and a fashionable take on what is without doubt a highly traditional concept: the log cabin. What’s more, Finnish Log Homes’ take on the 21st century log cabin concept provides, at one and the same time, a simple, minimalist approach combined with luxury and sophistication.

In 2013 Finnish Log Homes, which is based in Essex, signed a manufacturing and collaboration agreement with Omar Park & Leisure Homes, which is based in the adjoining county of Suffolk. The Contemporary, built to BS 3632, which features in this review, was the first of these lodges to come off the Omar production line since the agreement was signed.. Read more...

New Model Review: Dolben Lodge

Bella Brodie reports on one of the latest new Tingdene residential models

Dolben LodgeThe Dolben Lodge has been a favourite with customers for many years, and a mainstay of Tingdene’s range. That’s all for very good reason as it’s been a home with many merits.  Now Tingdene has launched the New Dolben Lodge, with a brand new layout to capture the imagination.

The exterior is just as eye-catching, with double-glazed Georgian windows; four of which are chrome leaded bay windows adding extra appeal. The smooth roughcast exterior finish is the perfect hardy choice too, and the two distinctive Dolben side gables have been retained, ensuring this home will grace any park with style.  

Tingdene is ahead of the game on this one, and in addition to the 42ft x 20 show home shown here, the company has a range of layouts available to choose from with 40ft x 20, 46ft x 20 and 50ft x 20 versions. (Although all of them seem to include all features and rooms, just to slightly different proportions, so those going for the smaller models won’t be losing out at all.)  

There are vaulted ceilings in the lounge, diner and kitchen in the New Dolben, which really help it feel spacious, modern and light.

There are three distinctive departures from the old Dolben, and, as the younger ‘sibling’, this model naturally has bags of personality and energy.
The layouts are really quite different, the décor is bold and distinctive, and the furnishings have gone in a completely different direction too with a thoroughly modern twist.. Read more...

New Model Review: Wessex Contemporary

After half a century, Wessex is now under new management. Philip Pond looks at the very first model to come off the Omar production line

Wessex ContemporaryWonderland. That is the evocative name by which Wessex park and holiday homes were originally known. It neatly summed up both the company’s ethos and the aspirations of its customers.

Wonderland Homes was founded back in the early 1960s. The name was changed to Wessex in 1996 but its location stayed the same. The quaintly-named Dorset village of Okeford Fitzpaine was down one of those sleepy country lanes where the air is pure, the birds sing and everything is right with the world.

It seemed an unlikely location for a manufacturer turning out hundreds of park and holiday homes a year. But it worked and Wessex went from strength-to-strength. Until last year. The financial slump of 2008 had proved too much for this company and it ceased trading.

Enter Omar, one of the biggest manufacturers in the market. In October 2013 it acquired Wessex and since then has been busy rebranding the range and giving it a fresh new look.

The fruits of that exercise were unveiled earlier this year when the very first Wessex model to come off the Omar production line appeared at the Newbury Show.

Built to the residential British Standard BS 3632, that was the Contemporary luxury leisure lodge which, in 40ft x 20 form, is the subject of this profile.... Read more...

New Model Review: Suffolk Barn

Bella Brodie looks East to the Suffolk/Essex border at a brand new lodge with authentic countryside charm

Suffolk BarnWhen we heard the name of this new luxury lodge we were quite intrigued to find out what it looked like, and how it could be ‘barn’ like, or ‘Suffolk-y’ for that matter.  

Country Homes have their manufacturing base in Suffolk so that could easily be part of the explanation but there’s more.  The destination for the first Suffolk Barn is just over the Suffolk border into Essex too, at Elm Farm Country Park.   

Even driving through the countryside on the way there you get a feel for the architecture in both counties.   Not far from the park lies a huge clue at Flatford Mill in Constable Country, where the Granary Mill barn demonstrates the way the county has inspired this model brilliantly.. Read more...

New Model Review: Casa di Lusso

Collaboration between the Dream Lodge Group and Prestige Park & Leisure Homes has resulted in a lovely leisure home with Italian-inspired décor. Anne Webb reports

Casa di LussoThe name sounds sumptuous, doesn’t it? And when you go inside you quickly discover that Casa di Lusso truly lives up to that name (which translates from the Italian as ‘house of luxury’).

This is the latest ‘special edition’ home that the Dream Lodge Group of luxury holiday parks has produced in association with a park home/leisure lodge manufacturer – in this case Prestige.

The thinking behind this design was to ‘blend practical living with stylish, indulgent elegance’. It was also felt that many interior designs quickly become outdated as fashions change, but this particular home has been styled so that it will remain ‘classically timeless’.

This model was launched to great acclaim at London’s Ideal Home Show in March this year where it was exhibited within a spacious decked garden area within a woodland area (created by visuals) beyond.. Read more...