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New Model Review: The Wessex Classic

Already a firm favourite with buyers, the Classic is a lodge which is exactly as the name suggests - timelessly classy! Bella Brodie takes a tour of the very first Classic out of the blocks of the Wessex headquarters in Brandon, Suffolk


When Wessex re-launched at Stoneleigh last year, complete with new branding and a new team at the helm, all eyes were on the company.  

Previously formed back in the 1960s, Wessex was well known for producing innovative leisure and park homes with style and grace. All that was great about the brand has been retained and built on further by the new team, and they really have done an excellent job.  

Omar Group acquired Wessex in October 2013, and since then has rebranded and worked hard on establishing a great new and updated range of homes. The brand remains successfully separate in identity and style though, giving buyers the benefit of an innovative name and exciting range to choose from, but with the massive might and experience of being part of a larger group.

The clue to its market positioning is in its name - Wessex Unique Lodges and Park Homes. Its core customer base would probably be those looking for something in the mid- to upper-end of the marketplace, in terms of luxury.   

The Classic, as one of their first lodges released under the new management, has been a real statement of intent and high standards. As such, a lot of thought has clearly gone into it.

Well, it was worth the wait!

.

New Model Review: Pathfinder Forest Lodge

Bella Brodie runs the rule over the latest model from award-winning manufacturer Pathfinder, where relaxation comes as standard…

Forest Lodge

Making its debut at Hull Lawns show was the Pathfinder Forest Lodge, a two bedroomed 40ft x 20 New England-style holiday home complete with a full-width veranda setting the perfect scene to make the most of your relaxation time.  

The newest addition to its Classic Lodges range, the external design on the Forest Lodge represents a classic summer holiday home and is pretty as a picture too.  
Externally it’s clad horizontally in a misty grey Canexel, offset brilliantly with pebble-grey doors, bright white for the balustrades on the veranda, window surrounds and rain goods.

Talking of how things look, it’s also built to make the most of the views outdoors, so that veranda creates another room completely, bringing the indoors out as much as the outdoors in.  This innovative design takes the stylish look of an American veranda house with an extended roof to provide a sheltered area for sitting on those sunny days and moonlit nights.

It conjures up a vision of a couple of rocking chairs on the veranda, enjoying the summer evenings, or perhaps for those with the energy, staying up all night to watch the morning sunrise – wouldn’t that be a treat! There are certainly many park locations around the UK where the views would serenely lend themselves to that scenario.

To the right of the door there’s a nice little finishing touch with white trellis work, perfect for climbing plants such as honeysuckle or scented roses.  That’s really what this lodge is all about, creating a relaxing and homely feel for those who will use it. 

.

New Model Review: The Homeseeker Affinity

Bella Brodie finds out more about a superb Homeseeker model with wonderfully wide appeal

The Homeseeker Affinity

The Affinity sits at right at the heart of the Homeseeker range and offers a great variety of options and extras for buyers to choose from. Whether you are looking or a larger twin unit home, this is a good model to adapt to your own requirements and pocket, as you can make it as simple or as swish as you need it to be.

We pop two Affinity models under the microscope here – a large 40ft x 20 twin unit, and a 36ft x 12 single unit, to demonstrate the sheer flexibility this model offers. When it comes to the Affinity, the Homeseeker designers have well and truly hit the nail on the head to create a home with wonderfully wide appeal.

External finish
Visually, the exterior excels for its clean lines and simplicity although it’s no Plain Jane either, with Georgian bars throughout, signature contrasting brick slips and side gable dormer. Modern vertical windows give it a slightly contemporary feel, ensuring the home is bright and light within too.

.

New Model Review: The Wessex Cranbourne

Philip Pond examines the latest offering from luxurious park home and lodge manufacturer Wessex and likes what he sees...

Philip Pond examines the latest offering from luxurious park home and lodge manufacturer Wessex and like what he sees...Cranborne. You may not be familiar with this East Dorset village (pop: 779) but it has an illustrious history.

Dating back to Saxon times and mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, it was a monastic centre of great learning between the 10th and 12th centuries.

Over the following five centuries Cranborne became a popular haunt of several kings, including Henry VIII who founded a hunting lodge in the village.

So here you have a place of distinction, much appreciated by those with discerning tastes. What better name to choose for a residential park home designed to appeal to those looking for something a cut above the average.?

Wessex launched the original Cranborne a decade ago. An indication of its success can be seen in the decision by the Omar Group, when it acquired Wessex last year, to continue the model as flagship in that range.

Built to the residential British Standard BS 3632, that park home in its latest 45ft x 20  guise is the subject of this profile.. Read more...

New Model Review: Wessex Contemporary Vue

Phillip Pond enjoys the view, inside and out, from the latest Wessex luxury leisure lodge, a stylish model which is a cut above your average holiday home in more ways than one

A range of modern appliances inside the fitted kitchen spaceRoom on top. Those of a certain age will recall that in years gone by when there were bus conductors on our double deckers, those three words were their constant refrain as seats on the lower deck filled up at busy times. Room on top...  

Bus conductors may be a thing of the past, but in recent years the phrase ‘room on top’ has taken on a new significance for users of park and holiday homes.
There is indeed a way of having room on top with your leisure lodge or park home. That is to opt for a roof terrace, accessed via an external spiral staircase.
A roof terrace, or roof deck as they are also known, has various advantages.

It maximises your living accommodation within a given-size plot.

It serves as what is effectively an extra room (albeit usable only in good weather). It does not require a large plot or intrude on precious garden space, as does a patio.. Read more...

New Model Review: The Finnish Contemporary

Philip Pond steps inside a lovely new lodge from Finnish Log Homes

Finnish Log HomesContemporary’ is much overused as an adjective describing park and holiday homes, never mind as a model name. You only have to scan half a dozen new park and holiday home brochures to find more examples than there are pages in this magazine.

According to the definition given in Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, ‘contemporary’ means, among other things, ‘up-to-date’ and ‘fashionable’. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything else, really, in a new design of luxury lodge, now would you…

However, the subject of this model review arguably has a greater claim to the term than most. That’s because it clearly provides both an up-to-date and a fashionable take on what is without doubt a highly traditional concept: the log cabin. What’s more, Finnish Log Homes’ take on the 21st century log cabin concept provides, at one and the same time, a simple, minimalist approach combined with luxury and sophistication.

In 2013 Finnish Log Homes, which is based in Essex, signed a manufacturing and collaboration agreement with Omar Park & Leisure Homes, which is based in the adjoining county of Suffolk. The Contemporary, built to BS 3632, which features in this review, was the first of these lodges to come off the Omar production line since the agreement was signed.. Read more...