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New Model Review: The Bella Vista

Bella Brodie reports on the latest model from Prestige & Homeseeker that would be perfect on both a residential or leisure park…


The World of Park and Leisure Homes event always reveals plenty of exciting new models and home versions. This year there were more lodges than ever - although Stoneleigh is also the biggest residential showcase of the year.  

Perfect then for Prestige & Homeseeker to launch a model that is equally beautiful as a park home or lodge, and is available as either.  

Although shown as a residential model, and with more of a residential leaning, it has an unmistakable lodge quality to it with the window arrangement to the front of the home, so it really does work both ways – the perfect hybrid!  

At first, you might not notice that versatility as you can’t help but be drawn in by the look and ambience of this architect-designed home.  

It has a bold and clear identity, and one that we think works brilliantly.
The literal translation of Bella Vista is ‘beautiful view’ and that is exactly what this home offers, inside and out.

Outside, it’s fully clad with an external siding, giving a stylish, contemporary look.  That continues inside with spacious open plan living quarters, crisp clean lines, cool colouring that also feels warm somehow, and well thought through accommodation. 


New Model Review: The 2017 Wessex Dorset

Simple and understated, practical yet stylish, the Dorset has a traditional layout with a contemporary feel, perfectly pitched to sit securely as a key target for homebuyers


Wessex as a manufacturer seem to go from strength to strength, with some great new models helping to re-enforce their market position as creators of unique leisure lodges and luxurious park homes. They have a great deal of creative flair, and the homes are solidly built to a high standard, with classy interiors to match.

We took a tour of this 45ft x 20, 2017 version which has just been launched, with a stunning new interior design theme and ambience, and a few new twists to give it a stunning uplift.  

External features

The simple yet stylish exterior is highlighted with a feature front door framed in sand CanExel cladding within a central roof dormer giving a relaxed and welcoming feel. Details such as the box bay windows to the front of the home, the feature extended overhang and distinctive cladding to each gable end come together to give a quiet yet confident presence.


New Model Review: The Beach Retreat

We step inside a stunningly pretty holiday home, perfect for an exclusive location! Bella Brodie reports

june feature1

At PH&HC, we get very excited when we see a manufacturer and park operator working closely together to create an innovative new holiday lodge option. As soon as we spotted images of Tingdene Homes’ Beach Retreats arriving at one of Darwin’s beautiful new parks we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.  

Darwin Escapes has 20 handpicked locations all over the UK, each offering a unique experience, but all with the same core ethos of creating memories that last a lifetime.The operator believes in making memories that last, taking time away from the daily grind to relax and have fun. That’s more than just words for Darwin, and translates to a really relaxing and enjoyable experience for the holidaymaker.  So, getting its next lodge option right in a way that surprises and delights the occupant is an absolute priority for a park group so focused on delivering the very best to its customers.

The Beach Retreats we spotted were arriving at their new Sandymouth Holiday Resort in Bude, so we thought we’d take a tour of these lovely lodges to find out what was behind their intriguing exteriors.


New Model Review: Omar Sandringham

We take a look at one of Omar’s inviting luxury residential park home models, the Sandringham. Bella Brodie reports


Followers of Omar will know that the Sandringham is a much-loved residential park home and one of the mainstays of the Suffolk-based company’s range. With a real touch of regal class to it, the Sandringham offers a traditional layout, tried and tested to work well, and an ultimately elegant exterior. It has recently received a refreshing new interior uplift to bring it right up-to-date without losing any of the original charms that have made it so popular. This beautiful, light and traditional park home is now set to continue as a firm favourite in the range, particularly if you love to see the outdoors from the comfort of your park home.

Much-loved retreat
The Sandringham takes its inspiration from the Sandringham in Norfolk, the much-loved country retreat of the Queen, and the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862.

King George V famously said of it: ‘Dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere in the world.’  

It’s said to be the royals’ favourite residence, boasting a friendly and informal atmosphere with a relaxed, countryside feel, as well as plenty of stunning vistas to enjoy.


New Model Review: The Wessex Hideaway

The iconic Hideaway, with its instantly recognizable façade, has set the bar in the luxury lodge market for many a year. This new incarnation further strengthens its status. Bella Brodie reports

april review1

For many a year the Hideaway, Wessex’s much acclaimed signature lodge, has been remembered as a ground-breaking high end lodge that really set new standards in the industry. Regularly mentioned as a firm favourite and ultimate dream lodge by many, the Hideway has already graced many stunning park locations, opening up some incredible views for lodge owners. Now it’s back afresh, and with a new interior design theme from Jill Withers, who was on the original team, it has just as much visual impact, and more!

It was relaunched in February at the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show at the NEC, in Birmingham.  

With clean, simple lines, contemporary interior design, natural finishes and a subtle, sophisticated colour palette, the Hideaway is still the embodiment of lodge luxury, and sets the standard in terms of class and interior sophistication.


New Model Review: The Wessex Cranborne

Bella Brodie takes a look at the latest luxurious residential park home from Wessex


With its own unique and sophisticated style, the Cranborne is a luxurious park home with an open-plan layout and plenty of personality.

Launched late in 2016, the Cranborne was one of the two Wessex models that heralded the return of highly respected designer Jill Withers back to the Wessex fold. It certainly had impact, with its contemporary grey colour scheme and flashes of cerise pink throughout, adding energy to an already classy home.
This model somehow combines that vibrant touch without losing its own unique, sophisticated style.

It’s bold yet understated, vibrant yet relaxing: a veritable odyssey for the senses that results in a home with a huge amount of ‘wow’ factor. It delivers a traditional feel for those looking for it, but with those contemporary overtones adding an edge that creates a really special living space. Nathalie Montague, sales manager for Wessex, said: ‘It’s already proving to be a really popular home, with high quality features throughout making it feel extra special - exactly what Wessex does best.’