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January 2018 Editor's Welcome

JanBlogFinding a trusted tradesman or specialist in a particular field of park home enquiry can be tricky. For starters, where should you begin? There are so many different companies out there - all professing excellence and honesty, as standard - it’s often hard to know what to look for. Fear not, the cavalry has arrived! You might not have realised it yet but you’ve already made the shrewdest decision possible by buying the maiden 2018 issue of Park Home & Holiday Caravan! Why? Because there’s a whopping 40-plus page guide to all the leading specialist suppliers and services in the park and holiday home industry inside!

Yes, that’s right, we’ve rebooted our ever-popular Suppliers and Services Directory for the New Year for one reason only: to ensure you start the year in full possession of all the relevant facts... and that goes for whether you’re a prospective purchaser who’s new to this field, or a seasoned vet looking to sharpen their skills and boost their knowledge base. From refurb companies and decking providers to insurance brokers and legal experts, we’ve got the lot covered!

We list all the major players in our comprehensive A to Z, as well as offering a plethora of top tips and advice. We’ve canvassed opinion around the industry and sought the expert views of our most trusted allies so there’s no need to fret about where to spend your hard-earned cash any longer... we’ve got it all covered!

Away from the world of service providers and suppliers who keep our community ticking over, we’ve still got lots of regulars for your delectation...

In fact, our intrepid team of journalists have been busy visiting shows, park home estates, manufacturers’ production plants and many more places besides.

Look out for reviews of a duo of gorgeous parks - one in Cambridgeshire; the other in Flintshire. Don’t say we don’t cover the length and breadth of Britain to score you a premium quality park hit!

On the home front, there are some delightful models on show from industry new boys Aspire and established name Prestige Homeseeker, as well as a special feature on another new entrant into our fraternity, Urban Marque. Exciting stuff!

Finally, don’t miss our feature with industry body the National Caravan Council (NCC) on the possible pitfalls of living permanently on a park that only holds a holiday licence. We walk you through the organisation’s advice and guidance on this most important of matters.
Enjoy the issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor
Email: alex.melvin@kelsey.co.uk

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